Multicolored Cocktail Parasol Umbrella Straws

$ 3.49

* 4 dozen straws total (48)

* Multicolored

* Each has a paper parasol that expands out from the straw

* Better than the Cocktail Umbrella!

Paper Parasol Straws With colorful design on each. Each 3" assorted color parasol is on a 10" bendable straw. 48 total straws.

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Say it Ain't So! Portland Trader Vics is CLOSED

http://www.wweek.com/2016/03/15/portland-trader-vics-is-closed-after-a-fire-maybe-forever/   Legendary tiki bar Trader Vic's is closed in Portland after a fire March 2 burned through most of the bar's ceiling. And according to one of Vic's managers today, it...

And We have hit politics......

The Tiki World has collided with our current political climate :)  

A Message from Otto

Wayne Coombs was a living legend and a super nice guy. He single-handedly created the "Florida Style" Tiki with the large toothy grin that was somewhat of a self-portrait. Wayne...