The Amazing Tiki Mug Collectors Website!

About Ooga-Mooga

Welcome to Ooga-Mooga!

Ooga-Mooga lets you track your mug collection,
while showing it off to others!

Use Ooga-Mooga to:

  • Create a page for your own mug collection
  • Upload photos of your mugs
  • Organize your mug collection with tags
  • Learn more about your mugs (like what size drink fits best!)
  • Buy, sell and trade mugs with other collectors
  • Advertise eBay auctions of your mugs
  • Learn how much a mug has been selling for
  • Create a wish list of your favorite mugs
  • Get notified when a mug on your wish list comes up for sale or for trade

    Written by Nels Dahlquist — July 08, 2013

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