July 98"
Would you like some Sulfur in Your water??
Every ounce of agua here smells of sulfur, mmm, just imagine brushing your teeth with it. As iceland is completely geothermic (i.e. heat, power) you see a lot of volcanoes and geiysers, but heat is just the good part. The bad part is that, along with the taste and smell, there is actually a cold water shortage here, I kept running out of cold water evrytime i showered. I'd say the best part of Iceland (in the summers) is the daylight. You can wake up at noon and still 11 hours of daylight to do stuff. And even then the 4 hours of night is not all that dark, it's more like dusk.
Another thing, Iceland is not very populos, approx. 270,000 people here, so when you are told, ohhhh don't go there it's a tourist trap, that means you will 1 or 2 people there. Also i met a guy who claimed to be "The Good Icelandic Communist", he thought i was English, he does not like the English. Imagine if I had told him that I was an American.
Day 1 - Sat. - Arrived to this incredibly beatiful and stark land at 5 am, noticed there where no trees here. Picked up my rental car (only $1200 a week - OUCH!), which happened to be a suzuki 4x4, so i giggled. I then headed to the capitol Reykjavik, wandered for several hours taking in the city (about the size of evanston) and found a nice hostile to crash at, as i didn't get much sleep on the plane.
When i awoke, i mingled with the natives at a few bars, i found the people to be very out going and geniunly helpful, even met a Florida State Univ. film student from Iceland. Day 2 - Sun.

Written by Nels Dahlquist — July 10, 1998

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