Mai Kai tiki bar - Summer 98

on U.S. 1 in fort Lauderdale, fl., from I95 exit at commercial Blvd. head east, take a right on US1(south) drive about 2 miles and it will be on the right.

The Mai Kai is by far the king of tiki bars, with a restaurant, gift shop, bar area, and stage shows. The stage show is excellent from what i could tell, as I arrived a bit late (last show starts at 9:30pm) and the waitresses outclass hala kahiki in both looks and spirit. the place ain't cheap tho, expect to dish out a c-note for a few of you to have fun. I especially recommend the "mystery drink" for $30 it seems a lot, it drinks four, but hey it comes with a hula dancer!!!!! the bar closes at 1 am so get there early night owls. the decor and exterior are excellent, with streams, waterfalls, tikis and lots of bamboo. This place is a must see for any tiki freak.

Well dean and i met our friends there fri nite about 10pm. let's see, carl, kris and candice ya i guess that's it. for awhile there candice was saying the drinks had no alcohol in them, then whamo!!! she became a goof just like that, famous last words. i got the hula girl and she even gave me a lai. she danced to a gong, i found that odd, i would have expected a ucka lalee(sp??). kris got a sparkler, as it was her birthday, which she then dropped and almost burned the place down. I did nothing foolish, i was calm cool and collected. dean and candice seemed to get along well as they both were a little tipsy, carl on the other hand called our waitress by the wrong name ariola, when arianna was her actual name, a little seinfeld slip there. we had a great time there. we were kicked out at 1am and we went for a long drive(courtesy of kris' navigation) to find the strip of bars in fort lauderdale. we did eventually find them, we drank some more, and found a hotel on the beach. it was late, butt we went to the beach anyway, it was nice, got to kill lots of man-o-war and jellyfish with rocks, you never get tired of that.

Written by Nels Dahlquist — October 23, 2003

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