Luau, Seattle, Washington - Mar. 99'

Appearance's can be decieving from the outside. What looked just like a bland storefront turned out to be one of the most innovative tiki bars i've been to. On the inside you could tell that someone had made an honest effort to turn this place into a grand polynesian restaurant. Infact they did quite a good job for a place that has only been open for 1 and a half years. Good, yet sparse, decorations, nice looking bar, but let's face it, this place is a restaurant more than it is a tiki bar. But they have the BEST eclectic polynesian food i have EVER had, my god it was good, and beautiful too (see photos). The help was super friendly, especially the bartender. As i was here just as i was leaving town, i could not see the place on a weekend, i am told that it gets very crowded tho. And good 50's tunes aswell, no Arthur Lyman, but good classic soundz of the lounge era. All in all i put this place up towards the top of my list, their biggest problem is that they had to create the place in the 90's, not inherit one from the 50's or 60's. So if your in Seattle and you need a tiki atmosphere, this is the place, i enjoyed it so much i am planning on going back asap.

Written by Nels Dahlquist — March 06, 1999

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