TikiZone Retro Lounges and Tiki Bars

A proposed Tiki Bar Temple

http://www.cafepress.com/tikizone.455669078 I forgot about this old Tiki Bar Design I did. .. 23&quot;X35&quot; Tiki Bar Blueprint Large Poster > TikiZone <cp> cafepress.com  

Has anyone ever checked out Kowloon in Ma.?

Looks like a pretty descent Tiki Facade, but I can't see much else. http://kowloonrestaurant.com/  

All about the origin of the Cocktail Umbrella

The Exciting History and Origin of the Cocktail Umbrella - Bon Appétit A deep(ish) investigation into the history and origins of the world's most important tiki cocktail topper: the paper...